• Helping People Succeed in a Digital World

  • Appointments that shaped me
    Senior Partner - Kearney
    NED - Helia (ASX:HLI)
    Chairman - Credit Clear (ASX:CCR)
    Executive Director, Telstra Digital (ASX:TLS)
    Founder and CEO of UBank
    Creator of BELONG
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  • Some thoughts

    13 juin 2017 · startup,scaleup,Growth
  • Helping Organisations Succeed in a Digital World

    Current appointments

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    Senior Advisor

    Formerly: Senior Partner

    Financial Services/ Telco & Digital/ Technology/ Advanced Analytics

    Since 2021

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    Non Executive Director

    A mortgage insurance provider listed on ASX (ASX:GMA)

    Since 2021

  • Helping Organisations Succeed in a Digital World

    Past appointments

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    A fintech listed on ASX (ASX:CCR) 


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    Chief Executive Officer

    A payment fintech with a banking license (ASX:TYR)

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    Executive Director - Telstra Digital

    Established and lead one of Australia's largest digital team and program


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    Project Leader

    Based in Sydney, Los Angeles and New York

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    General Manager Customer Strategy & Cross-Marketing

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    Founder and Managing Director

    Launched Australia's largest home-grown digital bank for National Australia Bank


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    Director Strategy (Australia)

  • Reading (listening) list: Exploring our reality

    My favourite blogs, podcasts and books

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    Are we living in a simulation?

    Elon Musk makes the case

    broken image

    How do we break the simulation?

    George Hotz has a plan

    broken image

    How does the universe work?

    Genius Stephen Wolfram explains

    broken image

    Is reality real?


    Maybe not ...

    broken image

    Do we have free will?

    Sam Harris' concise summary

    broken image

    Is there a god?


    Richard Dawkins says "no"

    broken image

    What is conscious-ness ?

    Annika Harris summarises

    broken image

    Parallel universes and reality

    Brian Greene takes you on a journey

    broken image

    From Big Bang to Quantum fields

    Frank Wilczek - a modern day Einstein

    broken image

    Superintelligence - Future of AI

    Nick Bostrom

  • Reading (listening) list: Business

    My favourite blogs, podcasts and books

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    How to negotiate


    Learn from hostage negotiations

    broken image

    Latest goss in digital


    Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway

    broken image

    Products that don't suck

    Clayton Christensen

    broken image

    Opinions about digital

    Scott Galloway unfiltered

    broken image

    Daily tech news


    Wall Street Journal

  • Reading (listening) list: Current issues

    My favourite blogs, podcasts and books

    broken image

    Universal basic income

    Andrew Yang

    broken image

    Where our society is going

    Sam Harris

    broken image

    Legendary documen-taries

    Louis Theroux

    broken image

    Celebrating the Apollo program

    13 minutes to the moon

    broken image

    Daily (US) news summary

    Up First - NPR

    broken image

    The story of Klaus Fuchs, atomic spy

    The Bomb - BBC

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    Leadership in a Digital World

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  • Academic training

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    Columbia Business School

    Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    New York

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    University of Sydney

    Visiting Scholar: Robotics


    At the Mechatronics department, I wrote a thesis on control architectures of mobile robots.

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    Northwestern University

    Graduate Engineering Studies: Robotics

    I completed graduate coursework in Engineering and wrote a thesis on "Passivity of sampled control systems". Some of this work was published in Academic journals, here and here. These papers were cited over 600 times.

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    Universität Stuttgart

    Master of Science

    (Engineering/ Robotics)

    I obtained my Master degree in Engineering.


    Telstra CEO Andy Penn about "becoming a world class technology company"

    at the 2015 Australian Digital Summit

    Telstra CEO David Thodey about "becoming a digital organisation"

    at the 2014 Australian Digital Summit

    On a panel about "startups vs. corporates"

    at the 2014 Australian Digital Summit.

    Taking Leadership in a Digital Economy

    Our views about how Australian organisations can make the most of the digital economy.

    Telstra's Digital Evolution

    Telstra's digital transformation journey.

    Some of the things we've done for our Telstra customers.

    Telstra CEO David Thodey about digital potential.

    How we get our customers involved at Telstra.


    Sharing Telstra's digital transformation journey.

    Hosted a panel at the 2015 Australian Digital Summit.

    How we think about the Digital Revolution

    Interview about Design Thinking.

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    Fireside chat at Sydney CDO Club conference.


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    Multiple articles

    broken image

    Video interview (Fund Forum, Monaco)


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    I was on the inaugural Advisory Board of this new accelerator, launched in 2014

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    I led the design and launch of this new business in late 2013

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    International shopping platform

    I helped source the initial investment in 2011

    broken image

    Electronic prescribing provider

    I was on the team that launched the original business, then called "Amicore". This started as a JV of Pfizer, Microsoft and IBM in 2001

    broken image

    API Finance

    I lead the $300m acquisition by BankWest.

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